TeachMeet Gloucestershire

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Our next event will be on Thursday 5th July 2018. Book tickets now.

What is TeachMeet Gloucestershire?

Dedicated Educators

TeachMeet are fantastic events by educators for educators and they are free. We are expecting around 100 attendees from around the county and beyond. We passionately believe that educators deserve the best. By organising TeachMeets, we want to look after them and we know that engaging and thriving classrooms need teachers who look after their own well-being while having access to high quality CPD sessions that are free, fun and engaging.

How do they work?

TeachMeets provide a fantastic platform for reflection, curiosity and organic pedagogy whilst providing a free professional development opportunity. Participants choose to present for either 2 or 7 minutes, so the events are fast paced and full of energy. TeachMeets are organised and run by teachers for teachers and mostly held in school or educational institutions.

Why Gloucestershire?

Gloucestershire is home to more than 300 schools and 4 further education colleges. We’re a great county full of heritage and innovation worth shouting about. We’re passionate about delivering world class education which provides ambitious and engaging opportunities for children and young people to thrive and live fulfilled lives. We’re tenacious about this cause and the belief that happy healthy teachers sow the seeds to make this happen.